Shipping Policy | Pata's Stone Crab Delivery

Within the counties of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach we ship the same business we receive your order. Delivery times for Dade and Broward Counties are 1 hour; and 2 hours for Palm County.




We ship overnight anywhere in the continental United States and 3 to 4-day delivery times to  selected countries in Europe, Asia as well as Canada. All the products are shipped in insulated boxes along with Gel Packs. Gel packs do not cross-contaminate. Gel packs do not become liquid, therefore will not spill if the container cracks. When in receipt of your package, extract the stone crabs from the container. 




We understand delays happen, through Insurify you're covered for any damage, stolen, or lost packages. Please keep in mind, to receive shipping protection, you must opt-in for Insurify Coverage. Patas Stone Crab is not responsible for incorrect address or incorrect delivery date submissions. If there is an issue with your address or delivery date, please contact us 3 days before shipment is set to be received. Patas Stone Crab is also not liable for your package if you do not select shipping coverage. 

The following situations are covered by Insurify: 
- Damaged Product 
- Lost Package 
- Stolen Package

Insurify Claim Filing Requirements:

Claims Reporting Time Frame(s)
It is understood and agreed that the following timelines for claims transmittal must be adhered to in order for a claim to be processed:

Damaged Product: 
Claims filed as damaged should be filed as soon as discovered, within 48 hours of deliveryProducts are considered damaged if the package is delivered over 48 hours from the promised date of arrival. Pictures of the damaged product are required to submit a claim. 
Lost Package:
Claims for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier where the status is “not delivered”, must be filed 7 days after the scheduled delivery date but not later than 15 days from the date the shipment was originally scheduled to be delivered. Essentially, 7 days must pass before the claim is considered lost and not damaged. 
Stolen Package: 
Claims for packages marked by the carrier as “delivered” yet not received by the customer must be filed within 5 days from the date and time shown by the carrier as delivered. We require proof of either a copy of a police report of theft or a security video recording showing evidence of theft.

Insurify Claim Procedure 

Damaged Product:
- Submit a claim for a damaged product within 5 business days to qualify for consideration. 
- Images of the product are required to place a claim
- Patas Stone Crab will be in contact within 24 hours following a submission. 
Lost Product: 
A product is considered lost after  7 days have passed since the chosen delivery date. 
Stolen Product: 
A police report or video is required to support a delivered package not being received.

What is required from the customer to place a claim: 

Email to: info@PatasStoneCrab.com with the following information: 

  1. Name 

  2. Order # 

  3. Claim Reason 

  4. Images if applicable 

Please allow 24 hours for a representative of George Stone Crab to contact you and assist you with the claim process.