Crab Claw Dinner Combos (Available only in Southern Florida).

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If your family is looking to get multiple crab claw dinners from us, why not make it a combo to save some money? We have combo meals for households of every size. The bigger your family, the more you’ll save.

Combo Meal for 2:    9 large claws, 2 mustard sauces, 2 crab cakes, 2 Crab & Corn Chowders, 2 coleslaw, 4 hash browns, 2 Key lime pies.
Combo Meal for 4:   18 large claws, 4 mustard sauces, 4 crab cakes, 4  Crab & Corn Chowders, 4 coleslaw, 8 hash browns, 4 key lime pies.
Combo Meal for 6:    27 large claws, 6 mustard sauces, 6 crab cakes, 6  Crab & Corn Chowders, 6 coleslaw, 12 hash browns, 6 key lime pies.
Combo Meal for 8:    36 large claws, 8 mustard sauces, 8 crab cakes, 8  Crab & Corn Chowders, 8 coleslaw, 16 hash browns, 8 key lime pies.
Combo Meal for 10:  45 large claws, 10 mustard sauces, 10 crab cakes, 10  Crab & Corn Chowders, 10 coleslaw, 20 hash browns, 10 key lime pies.

We’re sure one of these crab claw dinner combos will be the perfect fit for you and your family, but if you need anything extra, check out the other offerings we have on our site.

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