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We Deliver Fresh, Clean, & Yummy Stone Crabs in Florida!

Patas Stone Crab is a Florida-based company that provides
fresh stone crabs, meal options, and catering services to crab lovers worldwide. So, if you are looking for a Florida
stone crab delivery, Patas Stone Crab is just the place you are looking for.

We provide same-day delivery to our Florida customers and
can get your freshly-caught stone crab within a few hours, right at your doorsteps, in a temperature-controlled container to ensure freshness. So, why
wait when you can get the best crab in Florida to satisfy your taste buds? Place your order right now!

We Are Environmentally Conscious!

At Patas Stone Crab, we make sure to follow all the ethical
and moral guidelines for our harvesting practices. Our Patas fishermen carefully harvest one claw from each crab before releasing them back into the waters, where they are able to regenerate the claw easily.

When you order our Florida stone crab claws, rest assured you are getting fresh claws that are harvested with strict environmental guidelines and regulations. So, no matter
if you are looking for claws or crab legs in Florida, Patas Stone Crab is your environment-friendly stone crab provider.

Providing Premium Catering for Your Home, Office, & All Events.

Are you hosting a party for crab lovers? Allow us to help. Patas
Stone Crab is not just your stone crab delivery partner, but our delicious recipes and meals make us the best option for catering needs too. So, whether you are planning an office party, a home get-together, or looking for boat catering services, give Patas Stone Crab a call, and we will be there in no time. Our stone crabs fl are freshly caught to ensure the best experience for your taste buds. Give us a call; let’s arrange the perfect crab-eating evening
for you!

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQs

Patas Stone Crab is a Florida-based company that provides freshly-caught stone crabs for sale and delivery, meal options, and catering services. We are here to address your “stone crabs near me” queries.
At Patas Stone Crab, we fish, pack, and deliver fresh stone crab for sale to your doorsteps so that you get to enjoy the crabs the right way.
Yes. Patas Stone Crab addresses your urgent “stone crab near me” queries by providing same-day delivery. All you need to do is contact us, tell us your requirements, and wait for our delivery man to reach your space within hours.
At Patas Stone Crab, we follow Florida’s Department Of Agriculture & Consumer Services guidelines to ensure we practice environment-friendly and sustainable harvesting. When you buy stone crab online at Patas Stone Crab, you are getting ethically-caught and fresh crab claws and legs.
At Patas Stone Crab, we also provide same-day catering services for your home, office, and boat event needs. The stone crab fl used in the meal will be freshly caught and preserved for enhanced taste and freshness.