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Florida Stone Crabs Meals for Sale


Local Delivery & Shipping
Our stone crab claws for sale are turned into meals that are freshly caught from Florida. Here at Patas Stone Grab, we do everything in our power to bring our succulent crab claws to as many crab lovers as possible. We provide fresh, locally caught stone crab claws for sale in southern Florida for those who truly want to get a unique culinary experience. And for those customers who are devout crab lovers, we can provide stone crab for ordering online, as well. As of right now, though, the only portion of crab that we can provide across the states is our stone crab claws. Order online with same-day delivery service in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach, which comes with free mustard sauce, never frozen crab, and our freshness guarantee. You can buy our stone crab for ordering online in Medium, Large, or Jumbo sizes.
  • A complete Meal is 1.5 Lbs. (6-7 Medium Select Claws) 
  • A complete Meal is 1.5 Lbs. (5 Large Claws) 
  • A complete Meal is 1.5 Lbs. (3 Jumbo Claws) 
  • A complete Meal is 1.5 Lbs. (2 Colossal Claws) 
  • Includes a choice of one complimentary sauce